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Aggelos Poneros

Scars On Broadway...

Any fans here? I think they're really good. Malakian's writing matured. Lyrics are great but music is not so good though.
That's my opinion, what about you?

Both bands sucks IMO.
Aggelos Poneros

Dante wrote:
Both bands sucks IMO.

Set Abominae

I don't like SOB, but I do like SOAD. All their albums were good, IMO. Definitely not my favorite, but still good.

I've never heard a Scars On Broadway song, but I am a fan of SOAD. I love Chop Suey, such a great song! Razz

I vote SOAD cause I never heard any SOB songs, though I have heard of them.
Aggelos Poneros  Very Happy

Haha, every time I would see the Rock Revolution commercial I wondered what band was playing, so I finally read the tiny tiny text and it said Scars On Broadway! Pretty cool song (World Long Gone), weird seeing that guy with a huge ass beard.

The commercial is here:

Where's the "I hate both" option? Razz
The Sexiest Metalhead

Um... sorry. You might not find any fans here, you find one in me I know that. Laughing

liked SOAD for a while, but it soon started to get boring....

First SOAD album has an amazing feel to it, at least for me it's similar to Night Of The Stormrider in it's dark thrashiness. Steal This Album is quite good too. I think the others are nowhere near as good as the first album. As for Scars On Broadway, it just goes to show how much control Daron had over the band. It was rumoured back in the day that Serj was the crazy one, but this is simply not the case. His solo album is insanely poor. Scars On Broadway on the other hand just sounds like another SOAD album in the vein of Mezmerize/Hypnotize, which is the natural progression, and in this way it is kind of sad because if it wasn't for Serj's commitments it clearly would have been another SOAD album.

I might add that SOAD's early demos are amazing too.

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