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Set Abominae

September 27

is the anniversary of Clifford Lee Burton's death.

If you didn't know, Cliff Burton is the original bassist for Metallica. He played on Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets. He died on tour in Sweden in 1986. He fell through the window of the bus and was crushed when it tipped over on top of him.

I don't care if you like Metallica now, but if you did like them before they "sold out," then I ask all of you to take a moment of silence on this day for Mr. Burton. Wear your favorite Metallica shirt, drink a can of beer, smoke weed, I don't care. Do something for him.

The song that Metallica wrote in tribute to Burton, "To Live Is To Die" will be up on my metal myspace music page by tomorrow morning. I will also put up MegaDeth's song "In My Darkest Hour" for Mustaine wrote that song for Cliff. Click on the pic in my signature to go there.

Rest in peace, Cliff.
The Wicked One

"darkest hour" was inspired by Burton's death.
Mustaine heard what happened, grabbed an acoustic and locked himself in a room. Its not a tribute, more like a moving event that made Dave write an acoustic piece for the 1st time for megadeth.
Set Abominae

This day embarks upon us once again.

Rest in peace, dear friend.
The Sexiest Metalhead

It's a tradgedy when someone dies in the metal community, even if you like the band or not.


My idol! My favorite bassist... You show the world what the true Metallica is and Metallica died with you!

R.I.P. brother!

RIP Cliff

Love and Respect for our lost brother Burton...
You inspired many people, me too.

May your soul rest in peace.

When a man lies, he murders some part of the world.
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives.
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer.
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home? live is to die (and justice for all)

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