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Set Abominae - What does it mean?

Hello...I'm a very great Fan of Iced Earth as well and I'm going to make my first entry.

Set Abominae, you know the story, the Antichrist, coming to earth to revenge the Setian Massacre. I like that story very much, especially that he founded religions to divide humanity and weaken them.

I didn't know about the name, Set Abominae, until I read an article about the Something Wicked - Saga on Wikipedia.

And so I wondered about the name. Set Abominae. Sounds very strange, eh?

I considered if it has cryptological contence and found the words Setian and Beast in it. Do you know anything about it?

Or does someone of you want to take a closer look on it?

Just one more thing, what does "Setian" mean? Just another strange word given to a fictitious people? Or does it have a special meaning in English? I looked it up but I didn't find anyhing about it...


Set or Seth is an evil god from the Egyptian Mythology! I think he's the brother of Osiris or something. He was like the god of darkness and chaos.
Abominae, I have no idea. Abomination maybe?

I guess Setian come from the religion Sethianism. Which is older than Christianity, it is people who follow (the christian) Seth (I wonder where the Biblicists got that name from;) ), that is according to the Bible a son to Adam and Eve.
But Setian is also a degree in The Temple of Set (a satanic cult or something).

I'm not sure about any of this but it's what I think!

BTW Welcome to the forums!

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