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small contest

So here's the deal. I'm starting a BMX group for my area and I made a MySpace profile for it, link below. So I need/want a banner for it something cool and with West Houston BMX in it, about the same size as the MOTW banner maybe a little bigger.

It doesnt need anything fancy, just make a cool "West Houston BMX" banner on a black background I guess.

Winner gets a custom rank and my love Very Happy

Link to the West Houston BMX MySpace

This is good?

Click to see full size image

looks good but i was hoping for something more colorful.....for the record i am terrible at photoshop/paint and maybe with a texas silhouette somewere
The Wicked One

sry, took a bad spill when i was younger so i don't really like pedal bikes.

well i'm using dantes, stay tuned for a new contest
The Well Hungarian

AXE- Rock n Roll Party in the Streets

       Minions of the Watch Forum Index -> General Talk
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