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Tainted Innocence


i have this vest that i wear alot its black with dark red stitching w/chains for some good measure
but i also drew out iced earth in this weird font i came up with.
does that seem too stereotypical of a teen?
The Wicked One

muh jean jacket > your vest
Tainted Innocence

i have a jean vest that will eat your babies. Smile
The Wicked One

does it have patches from Warbringer, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Helloween, and most importantly Blind Guardian and Iced Earth?

No. I win

BTW my Ac/Dc and Pink Floyd boxorz > you lol
Tainted Innocence

mine i MADE from a old jean jacket and cut it to a vest added studs and some sharpie XD
The Wicked One

i want studs on mine.  right now we can just say i have a minor lead over you for now.
Tainted Innocence

i got a polka vest,
and i have like a "john schaffer style" outfit
aka a dark long sleeved dress shirt rolled up halfway with a bad ass looking armband.
The Wicked One

thats biker style going somewhere formal. jeez if you don't own a bike then don't ware it.XD

no matter how cool polka vests are, they are not metal.

both of you take pics of your articles of clothing and i decide who wins Wink
Tainted Innocence

i used to ride then a slacked off in the rainy weather soo im outa shape now XD

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