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The Final Frontier

This time it's about the latest effort of this unknown british band no one ever heard of. Razz

Ok, srsly now:
I listened to it several times and I must say, my first impression is positive. I am not that familiar with Maiden's later albums so I cannot say yet if this album is an improve of their previous one(s). Of course the old classics are unmatched, but we all know (or should know) that they never will be. So, enough words of the past, let's get to TFF.
It took me a bit to get into most of the songs, there were only some wich I liked the first moment on. If this is either good or bad is up to you. Bruce sounds a bit old  Confused but well... even gods can't fight the time. Smile But I must say, that I like the recipe of less speed and more complexity. So, I'll stop annoying you and say: well done.
Set Abominae

Its....nothing that I expected, to say the least. I loved their 2000 album Brave New World. I loved 2003's Dance of Death even more. And A Matter of Life And Death was pretty decent. This.....this isn't a great album. And its not a horrible album either.

My final vote is...... meh  Confused
Aggelos Poneros

I tought this is about Star Trek -.- xD
Set Abominae

Aggelos Poneros wrote:
I tought this is about Star Trek -.- xD


The Final Frontier is IMO a pretty decent album.
It's somehow.... different. There are great tracks like Starblind, The Talisman, When The Wild Wind Blows and The Alchemist, but there are overrated songs like Isle Of Avalon too (I hate that song  Laughing  )
Maybe I'm the only one, but I kinda liked the artwork Mr. Green

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