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The Wicked One

The Jens Carlsson Legacy

This is about 3 bands that should be recognized by the world especially the 3rd.

1. Savage Circus. To get your attention, Blind Guardian fans listen up. This band was made by Thomen Stauch formerly of Blind Guardian. He formed the band with Piet Sielck of Iron Savior to regress back to what BG was in the early days, only heavier. This showcases 2 skilled musicians from Sweden, guitarist Emil Nordberg and vocalist Jens Carlsson. They have released 1 studio LP "Dreamland Manor" and a live album, "Live in Atlanta". Thomen is no longer drumming for SC, nevertheless, a 2nd album is in the works for an 08 release..

2. Persuader. This Swedish power/thrash band is simply amazing. Jens brings about an original voice with a demonic screech that makes Children of Bodom look like pussies. This powerhouse their first album "the hunter" was brilliant with an Iron Maiden melody and an old metallica tone, but due to their record company folding it was only released in sweden and france. After winning a Young Metal Gods contest they got singed to Dockyard and released Evolution Purgatory. The vocal style and overall direction of the band changed. The tone was original and the vocal work was more intense. Then they released When Eden Burns. This is the album when Jens stopped playing guitar and focused on vox. The vocals improved yet again, while keeping the consistincy of well written lyrics and powerful wriffs and solos. They are also working on an 08 album.

3.Dark Empire. The story of Dark Empire starts at home. Rather than having even more bands spring up from Europe you would figure a good American band would come up. well thats about 1/2 right. Matt Moliti of New York wanted to make a definitive metal band that would be as heavy as COB and Rage but with emotional melodic vocalwork. After writting a few songs and feeling dissatisfied with the local vocalists, Matt sends a request to, you guessed it, Jens Carlsson. Jens agrees and brings a tenor like tone into the recordings. To top it off Matt intertwines his deathgrunt with it, making a heavy album for either side of a metalhead. and after getting a temporary bassist and drummer, Distant Tides was independently released. Getting great reviews, DE was able to play at Texas Madfest as an Opener for the 2nd day. During that time a new drummer Samus (ex-suspyre, mutiny) plays live and recorded all the tracks to "Humanity Dethroned". Dark Empire's 2nd album to be released in November of this year. After the recording, Andrew Atwood has been added as 2nd guitarist. The only thing they need now is a fulll time bassist.

Savage Circus is friggin mint! Amazingly, this is the first time I heard someone else mention them.

Dreamland Manor is absolutely one of the greatest pure metal albums EVER! That is no exaggeration. Every instrument on every song is ridiculous. I really hope they flourish and get their due.
The Wicked One

do u like the other bands too?

So far i have
Dreamland Manor i can't wait for the 2nd album

I have all three albums from Persuader

I have DE's Distant Tides and i ordered the Humanity Dethroned shirt while waiting for the album to be released in November.

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