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The Metal Throwdown

I got inspired to start this thread based on two factors. One, the segment of the same name on That Metal Show and two our own Band Vs. Band thread. So this is not Band Vs. Band obviously. It's the exact same as That Metal Show where we will pit two (or more) albums, songs, videos, dvd's whatever from the same band and depending if this thread catches on that is, every Friday I will come back and tally the votes to see who wins for that week. Then either based on suggestions from my fellow IE fans here or I will just make another throwdown on my own next Friday. So lets get it on!

Throw Down #1 (Week of Friday June 8th 2012- Friday June 15th 2012)

Iron Maiden. We all know that Iron Maiden is a huge influence on Shaffer, and as such I am pretty sure we are all fans of Maiden ourselves (I know I am a huge fan as well) so this first Throw Down is the epic songs of Maiden, the long ones that is.

Song #1 Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Powerslave 1984
Song #2 To Tame A Land Piece Of Mind 1983
Song #3 Alexander The Great Somewhere In TIme 1986

I choose Rime Of The Ancient Mariner because to me it is more "epic" than the other two choices. The slow down interlude in the middle or close to the middle where ever, is just hypnotic to me. I mean when I listen to that song compared to the others I can actually envision the story like I am watching a movie.

Sure To Tame A Land is based on the Dune books by Frank Herbert and there was a movie and two Mini Series on Sci Fi channel that may help with the visuals of the song (but to be fair the Mini Series were released long after the song) but that song and Alexander I just can't see the story in my head. I am pretty sure that is not what Maiden had in mind with these songs but still that is my take.

Now you guys vote and explain why you chose what you did. Doesn't have to be as long as mine could be a short sentence if you want. Again next Friday I will be back to tally the votes. And don't forget if you have a suggestion for next Friday's "Throw Down" don't hesitate to write it at the end of your post. So is anyone game? Anyone ready to jump in the ring and rock this throw down?

Welp, no comments and no other votes so Rime wins!

Next throw down -

Superjoint Ritual vs. Down, two Phil Anselmo fronted bands that are not Pantera. Which is the better?

I pick Down. Not that I dislike Superjoint, it does after all feature Hank III (Hank Williams Jr,'s boy) on bass. And it is hella heavier than Down. But Down has that southern metal thing which I really dig! And Down is still around making a new album and everything though that is not a factor in my choosing Down, just a FYI. Also I tend to listen to Down more often than Superjoint. I have seen both bands live and must say in my opinion Down had the better show.

So will anyone vote and participate this time? I guess I will find out when next Friday rolls around.

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