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The Prince_of_pain his here

Hi everyone I'm Rémi from Sherbrooke in province of Québec in Canada (so sorry if my english suck a little bit haha). I'm 20 years old and i'm a big fan of iced earth since 2004 when i heard Dragon's child when my friend put a custom cd with different band on his cd player^^! So when i heard this song i've just search to know about more of this band.

I always hoping that Matt Barlow come  back in the band and my dream come true the december 11th 2007 ^^.

I'm in a year off about scolarity cause i've changed of idea about my career so in september 2009 i will go in school again.

I'm glad to be here.

On youtube i'm Violator696 if you want to know
Set Abominae

Welcome to Minions!

Enjoy your stay, come back every day!
Aggelos Poneros

Hey, welcome! :]

Welcome Smile


Oh and i forget to say that 've seen Iced Earth twice this year! First time it was with Nightwish last may 9th  when they was a special guess for the nightwish show in Qébec and the second time it was on the begining of this recent tour in montreal last september 23rd and this last time me and my friend was so lucky we had pay for normal ticket cause V.I.P package was sold out when i've want to buyt my ticket but but luckily the girl at de ticket store at the medley the night of the show gave us V.I.P pass and we've never pay fort this so i've got a V.I.P t-shirt and got signed my bookleets and my vip ticket and i've taken a picture with the band but i think i need too email the webmaster of cause i still didn't receive my picture. I'm sure it because send it to the person who paid V.I.P so i think i need to explain the situation.

What do you think?
The Sexiest Metalhead

Welcome Prince! Smile

welcome dude, good to have you here....

Welcome to the minions, brother.

thanx everyone it's a pleasure Very Happy

Welcome buddy! I swear I have seen you on YouTube! Razz

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