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The Reverend XBurner...

Name: XBurner
Real Name: Christian Frost
Age: 27
Ethnicity: White
Background: German/Irish
Religion: Methodist Christian (we're not bible-beaters)
Marital Status: Depressively Single
AIM ID: XBurnerSyndicate
Favorite Game(s): Halo2 on XLive, GTA: San Andreas, Mercenaries, Manhunt...
Favorite Bands: Iced Earth, Murder By Death, Hypocrisy, Hurt, Motograter, American Head Charge, many, many others.
Motto: "Heads you lose, tails I win."

Bio: I hate a lot of stuff for a lot of good reasons. I like to think I have a good sense of humor and can make a joke out of anything. Here in real life, I'm notorious for horrible "your mom" jokes, gay jokes, gay bashing jokes, jokes about getting a friend drunk and have him bang his own mom, ect. Anything that can possibly have a horrible joke in it, I can make it. I swear a lot, which is probably why I'm single. That and I have no life. I'm currently unemployed, but looking for a job. I'm trying to start and do some writing to occupy my time and keep me from going infuckingsane from being at home all fucking day. So far, I've got an album review done of an industrial band I just got into and it turned out pretty good.

I have a nearing 6 year old iguana that I have an appreciation for, 'cause he's so much like me and how I am all the time that I wonder if we're not one soul that's been split.

I still live with my mom due to past financial mistakes, I mean damn... I really fucked up. But I'm out of all that now... it was all credit card debt and bullshit that I or NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD SHOULD EVER DO. But I'm out of that though and looking for another new job to get settled into. The problem with that is, is that I'm unqualified for just about everything. Not only that, but no one is willing to give me a shot it seems. But yeah, I need a new job and it has to pay what I make or more, and full time.

Uhmm... what else... I like movies, I work out, I like walking, I like music obviously. I'm mostly into Industrial Rock, Hard Rock, Rock, MetalLite* and a dash of Metal. Uhm... that's really all I think I have to say, I think.

*MetalLite is what an elitest metalhead friend of mine calls what I listen to, I found it as funny as he did and kinda accepted it as a genre name. Cool

thanks for joining Christian!

No problem, bud. =)
Voice of Dissent

I like your personal synopsis thing you made... I think ill add that to mine and cut the word count

Yeah, sometimes I start typing and can't stop until I see something shiny. Sad

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