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The Right To Rock with JON SCHAFFER!

When is enough, enough?  Genghis and Ragman continue their discussion on when bands should shut it down.  After that, the boys were feeling wicked so they brought in Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer for a chat.  Jon discusses the band’s latest CD, The Crucible of Man, as well as the return of Matt Barlow.  So join us won’t you? You won’t be entertained disappointed.

Featured Tracks: Black Tide - Shockwave, Vicious Rumors - Don’t Wait for Me
Tall Stories - Wild on the Run
Iced Earth - Minions of the Watch, Harbinger of Fate, A Gift Or A Curse, and The Dimension Gauntlet.

- Ragman wants a cheeseburger


I hate podcasts...anyone wanna cilp the Jon Schaffer part for me? Razz

       Minions of the Watch Forum Index -> News
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