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Sandra - Dark Saga -

What do you guys do?

Are in you in high school? at college?
What's your major?
Do you work?
Do you live with ur parents?

Well, whatever you want to tell... I'd just like to get to know you better, guys
Sandra - Dark Saga -

I'll go first, mainly because of a favor I wanna ask you all  Embarassed

I'm 23, I go to college, my major is Pedagogy on Spanish and English. Spanish is my native language since I'm from Bogotá, Colombia and I teach English at some institute.

Right now I'm doing a research about American and British phrasal verbs and expressions, so here comes the favor:

I need as many English Speakers as I can on MSN so I can improve my English level and do my research

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'd really appreciate it!!!!

Thnx in advance to those who want to help me ♥ ♥ ♥ adding me:


Very Happy

I graduated high school, currently living with my brother. I'm going to school to be a certified dog trainer and also a veterinarian assistant. I'll talk to you on MSN, I'm on a lot since I play XBL :/
Set Abominae

I graduated from High School last summer. Currently I still live with my mother as I have no job to support rent  Laughing  I am currently in college, spring quarter is over tomorrow night. I'll be going back in the fall.

I'll add you on MSN as well as I'm on a lot, but definitely not as much as I used to be.

i smoke pot and snort cocaine and shoot myself in the head

I made my final exam after 12 years in school, now I'm fundraiser for Face2Face and soon I'll start to study German Phillology.
Metal Defender

Just finished my first year of university where, believe it or not, I'm studying spanish xD I'll add you, as I could probably use some help too haha

I'm in a general culture school. I'm studying sociology, phsychology, english german ... Next year, I'll pass my final exams (including a big work about Iron Maiden). Then, I'll must do my civil service, 'cause I don't want to make the army, then, I don't what I'm going to do .. maybe a university ... dunno
The Wicked One

I passed High School back in 07.
2 years at a community college now transferring to a main University.

I am 20 and live with my parents but sometime within this year or the next I will move out.

After the computer crash I lost my AOL, yahoo, and MSN IM's.....facebook and Myspace IM are good enough for me.
Sandra - Dark Saga -

Metal Defender wrote:
Just finished my first year of university where, believe it or not, I'm studying spanish xD I'll add you, as I could probably use some help too haha

More than happy to help you  Very Happy

I graduated years ago and never looked back at school again! Hated it then and still hate "education" as most drop outs from either high school or college end up being millionaires anyway. Since I graduated I guess I will never be a millionaire! Anyway I work at Wal Mart, live in Fort Worth and can't afford rent on my own so I live with my mom and now my fiance, who both only work part time too.
Tainted Innocence

i have kinda dropped out of school,doubt i'll ever graduate...currently looking for a job (i'm only 17) soo i jus sit in my room playing call of duty and guitar most of the time,i do odd jobs and such to earn money,i want to be a mechanic...still living with my parents until i can afford to move out..anddd i don't feel like typing anymore.

Tainted Innocence wrote:
soo i jus sit in my room playing call of duty

Tainted Innocence

Kanadwen wrote:
Tainted Innocence wrote:
soo i jus sit in my room playing call of duty


nope,i used to until my 360 fried,now i use my brothers ps3

gay Sad
Tainted Innocence

eh,thats microsoft though,red ring of death.
Aggelos Poneros

I'm 16, I go to high school... Grammar school actually.
And I have green belt in karate XD
I live with my mum and sister Very Happy
I can add you if you want, but I also have to improve my English ^^

I'm going to high school too. I haven't got any idea for my future anymore and I already lost my dreams in last days but maybe that's not bad so much 'cause I can find my way with thinking, anyway, I love reading,writing,drawing(you already know my works ^^ ) and learning other languages, I study french in school. I'm admin of a turkish rock band's forum so I pass long time on internet..bla bla bla.. ^^

Well, i'm 18 and I just finished school last week. Have a job in a vinyl-only record shop which is unpaid but i get records to make up for it. It's awesome. Have no intention of going to Uni because i hate studying things i am never going to use, plus i don't even have the money to get driving lessons and that's more important at the moment. Maybe i'll take a course in computer programming and something to do with music as well. I'm moving to Sweden later this year for 3 years because of my dad's job, but i think when i come back from that i will move out fairly soon after. Not sure where i'd live, but i would not want to still be living at my parents house into my 30s like some people seem to be, so i want to make a head start as soon as i can.

To tell it the short way:

I quit school 2 years ago, I have a boring job and I plan to move to Norway in the next years.

I smoke two joints in the mornin, I smoke two joints at night...Very Happy

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