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What's up

I have been a member of this forum since Dec but never did the introduction thing so hear goes.

I live in Bloemfontein ,South Africa ,I'm 20 years old .
I enjoy reading ,my favourite books is The HitchHikers Guide to the Calaxy. I also enjoy Drawing ,I'm currently a Graphic Design student .I have been listening to Iced Earth since 2003 when I was introduced to them by some dude .First song I heard was Frankenstein ,ironically I just finished reading the book by then.
I was hooked since then, favourite IE album is Dark Saga and favourite song is Disciples of the lie. So that is me in a nutshell oh !!!! and I like drinking especially beer
The Wicked One

well heres the belayed welcome by me

Awesome thanx man

BTW The Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy... one of the best books ever (not the film though)

       Minions of the Watch Forum Index -> Introduce Yourself
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